PhD timeline

A PhD timeline for finishing quickly [Free Gantt Download]

Navigating the labyrinthine journey of a PhD program is no small feat. From the day you step into your graduate program as a bright-eyed doctoral student, you’re immediately thrust into a complex weave of coursework, research, and milestones. By the second year, you’ve transitioned from coursework to research, laying the groundwork for your dissertation—a pivotal … Read more

how hard is a PhD?

How hard is a PhD? What every PhD student needs to know

Embarking on a PhD journey is a commendable endeavour that many consider a pinnacle of academic achievement.  The challenges of a PhD often extend beyond mere intellectual rigour. While it’s easy to assume that the hurdles would involve complex research or profound theoretical concepts, the truth is more nuanced. Embarking on a PhD is not … Read more

Effective LinkedIn headline for Students - Killer Headline Examples

Effective LinkedIn Headline for Students – Killer Headline Examples

A LinkedIn headline is more than just a quick line about your current position or studies; it’s an impactful statement that showcases your professional brand. For students, having a compelling LinkedIn headline can make all the difference, setting them apart from their peers and creating enticing opportunities. This blog will guide you through crafting a … Read more

How to write acknowledgements in a thesis or dissertation

How to write acknowledgements in a thesis or dissertation

Navigating the intricate process of writing a thesis or dissertation can be challenging. One crucial, yet often overlooked part is the thesis acknowledgement. It is also the only bit of my thesis that anyone really reads. This section allows you to express gratitude to those who contributed to your academic journey. From supervisors and professors … Read more

How to write a figure legend [Manuscripts and scientific papers]

Writing a compelling scientific manuscript requires clarity in both the main text and accompanying figures. An often underappreciated but crucial element of a successful paper is the figure legend, or caption, which provides an explanatory narrative for each visual display of data, such as a chart, graph, or schematic. Figure and table legends are not … Read more

What is the average IQ of PhD students and academics? Thumbnail

What is the average IQ of PhD students and academics? Are they REALLY smart?

The question of intelligence and its relationship to academic achievement, particularly at the level of a PhD, has always been a topic of discussion within education policy and academia. It is often assumed that those who attain a PhD are “really smart” and possess superior intelligence, as measured by traditional IQ tests.  While the average … Read more

10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship [model answers]

Scholarships are an essential aid for many students, but what does it take to secure one? Answering “why do I deserve a scholarship” can feel challenging, yet it’s the key to opening many educational opportunities.  In this article, we break down the top 10 reasons why you might be a deserving candidate, alongside advice on … Read more

The best examples of email signatures for graduate students

The best examples of email signatures for graduate students

In the digital age, your email signature is more than just a formality; it’s a part of your personal brand. For graduate students, it serves as a concise snapshot of their academic identity and can leave a lasting impression on recipients. This guide explores the importance of a well-crafted email signature for graduate students. It … Read more

Sample email asking for a letter of recommendation from a professor

Navigating the world of academic requests can be daunting, particularly when it comes to securing a strong letter of recommendation. It’s crucial to approach this task with the right preparation and understanding. In this blog post, we’ll: We will also share valuable tips to ensure your recommendation letter stands out, enhancing your scholarship or university … Read more