Is it possible to earn a PhD while working? The brutal truth

Working alongside your PhD seems like an attractive proposal until you look at all of the different commitments you need to make to actually get a PhD and submit your dissertation. Working part-time may help PhD students financially but it often comes at an academic cost. It is possible to earn a PhD while working. … Read more

Insider Tips for Staying Organized in Grad School – Organization Tips

Being successful in graduate school means staying as organised as possible. Each semester your commitments and timetable will likely change (less so if you’re doing a PhD) and so you will have two organise your tasks and commitments so that they all get done. Staying organised in grad school means using a calendar and ensuring … Read more

Typical Graduate Student Age [Data for Average Age]

Graduate students can come straight from undergraduate study or they can be a little bit older after spending some time in industry. No matter what the subject you’ll find a wide variety of graduate student demographics and ages. According to the OECD, the average age of master’s students is 24 and the average age of … Read more

When should you quit your PhD? Advice for students

Deciding whether you should finish your PhD or leave academia altogether is a very tough decision to make. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and many PhD students want to quit their PhD at many points throughout the process. I know that I wanted to quit my PhD in the second year but I’m pleased that … Read more

7 Super Simple PhD Student Motivation Hacks

Losing motivation during your PhD is very, after all, you are trying to work towards a single problem for many years. When things are not going your way, or you are just fed up of thinking about the same thing over and over again, you can very quickly lose motivation. Keeping your motivation up during … Read more

Is a master’s student a graduate student? [Answered]

In the academic world, it can get very confusing when trying to work out the differences between master’s students, PhD students, graduate students, and all of the other types of nomenclature for people attending a university. Particularly, separating out who is actually a grad student can get confusing. Yes, a master’s student is a graduate … Read more

Why Grad School Is Hard [+ solutions]

Many people find that graduate school is much harder than their undergraduate degree. Graduate school is the next step for a lot of professional qualifications and those who want to reach the heights of academia. However, there is a huge difference between undergraduate and graduate level courses and research that catches many people off guard. … Read more

How to get into Grad School with no letters of recommendation

Getting into a graduate school program often requires jumping through a load of hoops. One of the most important aspects of your application will be a letter of recommendation. However, some people struggle to get a letter of recommendation from a professor. You can get into grad school without a letter of recommendation by choosing … Read more

PhD Student vs Graduate Student [Correct terminologies]

As you progress down the academic pathway it can become confusing to work out what the appropriate terminology is for your current level of education. Is it PhD student? Is it graduate student? Is the PhD student the same as a graduate? Well, this article will answer all your questions. Graduate student is an umbrella … Read more