How long does it take to get a PhD? Complete a PhD quickly

Deciding to do a PhD is a decision not to be taken lightly. In order to get a doctorate, you must, first of all, spend 3 to 4 years in undergraduate education so that you can apply for your doctoral degree. After that, you’ll be expected to perform original research and contribute to a body … Read more

Is there a degree higher than a PhD?

Many people wonder if there are any degrees higher than a PhD. Earning the highest qualification possible is a goal for many people. It can help you obtain employment in a university setting. There are certainly many different types of Doctorate programs that are considered equivalent to a PhD. Doctorate degrees are the highest level … Read more

What is a PhD student or PhD candidate? [Updated]

For those that are thinking about doing a postgraduate degree, it’s not always clear exactly what a PhD entails. You may have heard the stereotypical PhD motivation as “doing research to progress humanity”. However, the actual day today life of a PhD student isn’t as nearly as grand. A PhD student is someone who is … Read more

Grad school dress code – outfit ideas for orientation and more

Knowing exactly what to wear during your grad school interview, Masters, PhD, or professional masters courses can cause some people anxiety. You don’t want to wear something that is inappropriate for your level of education. After all, in undergraduate you can wear whatever you want – and most people do. The grad school dress code … Read more

PhD student salary – How much cash will you get?

When considering starting a PhD you need to think about how much you will get as a PhD student at a minimum. Ideally, you would be fully funded so that you could focus 100% on your studies. A PhD student salary ranges from US$17,000 a year (New Zealand) all the way up to US$104,000 a … Read more

Is it possible to earn a PhD while working? The brutal truth

Working alongside your PhD seems like an attractive proposal until you look at all of the different commitments you need to make to actually get a PhD and submit your dissertation. Working part-time may help PhD students financially but it often comes at an academic cost. It is possible to earn a PhD while working. … Read more

Insider Tips for Staying Organized in Grad School – Organization Tips

Being successful in graduate school means staying as organised as possible. Each semester your commitments and timetable will likely change (less so if you’re doing a PhD) and so you will have two organise your tasks and commitments so that they all get done. Staying organised in grad school means using a calendar and ensuring … Read more

Typical Graduate Student Age [Data for Average Age]

Graduate students can come straight from undergraduate study or they can be a little bit older after spending some time in industry. No matter what the subject you’ll find a wide variety of graduate student demographics and ages. According to the OECD, the average age of master’s students is 24 and the average age of … Read more

When should you quit your PhD? Advice for students

Deciding whether you should finish your PhD or leave academia altogether is a very tough decision to make. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and many PhD students want to quit their PhD at many points throughout the process. I know that I wanted to quit my PhD in the second year but I’m pleased that … Read more