7 Super Simple PhD Student Motivation Hacks

Losing motivation during your PhD is very, after all, you are trying to work towards a single problem for many years. When things are not going your way, or you are just fed up of thinking about the same thing over and over again, you can very quickly lose motivation. Keeping your motivation up during … Read more

Is a master’s student a graduate student? [Answered]

In the academic world, it can get very confusing when trying to work out the differences between master’s students, PhD students, graduate students, and all of the other types of nomenclature for people attending a university. Particularly, separating out who is actually a grad student can get confusing. Yes, a master’s student is a graduate … Read more

Why Grad School Is Hard [+ solutions]

Many people find that graduate school is much harder than their undergraduate degree. Graduate school is the next step for a lot of professional qualifications and those who want to reach the heights of academia. However, there is a huge difference between undergraduate and graduate level courses and research that catches many people off guard. … Read more

How to get into Grad School with no letters of recommendation

Getting into a graduate school program often requires jumping through a load of hoops. One of the most important aspects of your application will be a letter of recommendation. However, some people struggle to get a letter of recommendation from a professor. You can get into grad school without a letter of recommendation by choosing … Read more

PhD Student vs Graduate Student [Correct terminologies]

As you progress down the academic pathway it can become confusing to work out what the appropriate terminology is for your current level of education. Is it PhD student? Is it graduate student? Is the PhD student the same as a graduate? Well, this article will answer all your questions. Graduate student is an umbrella … Read more

A typical PhD student schedule [Free template download]

A PhD student’s schedule is very different to anything that people have experienced in undergraduate or masters level education. Depending on the country that you are doing your PhD in, you may have classes alongside your dedicated research time. It is likely that you will work many hours more than a typical full-time job and … Read more

Does a PhD cost money? [Price Data]

Doing a PhD can take a toll on your stress levels, mental health, and personal life. But, does it also wreak havoc with your bank balance? Entering into a PhD can be costly depending on where you do the PhD and how long you take to finish. Yes, a PhD can cost money. In some … Read more

The best PhD student part-time jobs [Full guide]

Having a part-time job as a PhD student can be a way to earn more money and live more comfortably but, it also has a downside. It can also be a huge distraction and stop you from focusing on your primary goal which should be working towards your PhD. The good news is that there … Read more

PhD student office [Everything you need to know]

Throughout my 15 years in academia, I have seen several PhD student office configurations. There have been dedicated PhD rooms, private shared offices, and full open-plan offices to accommodate PhD students. Typically, the PhD students are located near their primary supervisor and head of the research group. However, this is not always the case. A … Read more

Can a PhD teach high school? [Answered]

Many PhD students and graduates toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher in a high school. After getting to the end of the PhD many PhD graduates struggle to find a job in academia and many turn to education as a potential career path. However, can a PhD teach in a high school without … Read more