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Great to see this forum up and running, I need a place to vent and ask inane questions that I daren’t share with my supervisory team!
I was secretly hoping this type of forum is what you had in the works because of how much value it can provide grad students – in terms of the immense reach as well as the depth of engagement and interaction that’s possible!
There are still a lot of things to discover in academia, but now I’m facing them with a positive mindset.

Doing a PhD can be incredibly lonely and scary:

Are you not getting an adequate level of support from your supervisor? Are you scared about asking the “silly questions”? Are you struggling to stay on track and finish within your allotted time?

Not jumping on issues and problems as soon as they pop up can cause months of delays to your PhD, thesis or academic career!

This friendly community is here to help!

I completed my PhD in 2011 during my three years as an international student I had to overcome self-doubt, the pressure of finishing within three years, and I had to figure out all of the “unspoken rules” of the academic system.

Luckily, with a supportive community and self-designed systems and structures to get me to the finish line I was able to complete my PhD within three years and secure employment as an explosives chemist at the end of my PhD.

This community of PhD students and academics can help guide you in a friendly and honest way throughout your entire PhD or career in academia. I want this community to be an extension of my YouTube channel where people can share openly and honestly about their experience whilst also learning the hacks and insider tips that can boost their career and research.

 I want to express my gratitude for the amazing group of people assembling on this platform! I’ve read through most of the posts/threads and have learned so much already, so thank you! 

– Community Member

Approaching a career counselor for advice, or asking for individual consultation can run into many hundreds of dollars! Also, asking your supervisors for help and advice can easily turn into advice that is outdated (worked for them when they were younger) or benefits their career and not yours (like doing a post-doc in their lab to boost their H-index!)

For only $5 per month, you are able to get access to a group of like-minded individuals who are there to help you become the best academic you can be.

I am in the forum every day answering questions and providing my advice and support!

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Thank you for doing this, Andy I have been following your channel since I was working through my last few months of the MSc and it kept me going through the daunting process of applying for the PhD
“thank you so much for creating this platform and for making it accessible!
I live away from my institution so I am always looking for ways to connect with a community that doesn’t involve me driving 2 hours down the motorway!!

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