Does Shaq have a PhD or Doctoral Degree? Shaquille O’Neal degrees

Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, is not only a superstar NBA athlete and one of the best centers of all time in basketball but also holds a doctorate degree as well as many other advanced degrees.

He earned his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D) from Barry University in Miami with a thesis on “The Duality of Humor and Aggression in Leadership Styles”.

In 2012, Shaquille O’Neal graduated with an Ed.D in Human Resource Development, a program centered on organizational learning and leadership.

This doctorate is similar to a PhD in many ways, except it focuses more on practical application and practice than research.

In 2012, Shaquille O'Neal graduated with an Ed.D in Human Resource Development, a program centered on organizational learning and leadership

The NBA legend started working towards his doctorate towards the end of his illustrious NBA career, stemming from a promise he had made to his mother. Shaq maintained that he would one day complete his education which he did by earning his doctorate.

Undoubtedly, his dedication to following through on this promise demonstrates his commitment to higher education and fulfilling personal goals.

Shaq’s academic journey began at Louisiana State University (LSU), where he played college basketball. After his early entry into the NBA draft, he completed several online courses to achieve his degree from LSU, showcasing his perseverance.

In addition to his Ed.D, Shaq plans to further his education by attending law school. This pursuit underlines the multi-dimensional nature of this iconic Lakers player.

What Shaq said about his doctoral degree in education:

What motivated me to continue is, you know, this is the field that I wanted to be in, organizational leadership. So, as I was studying, you know, the experts, you know, the John C. Maxwell, the Hersey’s and Blanchards. You know, I realized that, you know, some of the techniques that they apply were some of the techniques that I was already using, you know, to become the great leader I was in sports. You know, I realized that, you know, especially when it comes to task and relationships. And also, you know, as I started reading, I was like, wow, this is very, very interesting. So, I had to put myself in little kid mode, like I was reading Goleverse Travels. So, like, you know, I have a crazy war of brands sometimes. So, instead of saying, oh, it’s not the cop call man, I got to read 80 pages, I would put myself in. Okay, he did this, and you know, I would make it fun. And I got to be very, very fun, quite enjoyable. When you cross into someone’s field, one thing you must have is their respect. So, you know, if I’m, if I’m gonna call myself a police officer, there’s a must that I go through the same training that they go through. Gas masks, the tasing, the running, the yelling. You know, if I’m gonna call myself a doctor, let’s go through the same, same academics that each student went through. So, I don’t, I don’t believe in anything honorary.

. When you cross into someone's field, one thing you must have is their respect. - Quote from shaq about doing his Doctorate

How many degrees does Shaquille O’Neal have? His love of learning

2000B.A. degree in General Studies
(Minor in Political Science)
Louisiana State University (LSU)
2005Online MBA degreeUniversity of Phoenix
2009Sportscaster U. training campS. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
2012Ed.D. degree in Human Resource Development
(Doctoral capstone: “The Duality of Humor and Aggression in Leadership Styles”)
Barry University
N/AStudied directing and cinematographyNew York Film Academy’s Filmmaking Conservatory
Future planPlans to attend law school (not specified when)N/A

What Is Shaq’s Master’s Degree?

Shaquille O’Neal, or simply Shaq, is a former NBA superstar who has accomplished a lot both on and off the court.

Even after retiring from basketball, Shaq continued to pursue education and earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

He was highly motivated to earn this degree as he had taken a lot of business-related decisions in his life, including owning a few franchises and investing in many businesses.

Shaq also believes that education is important and encourages everyone to pursue it.

He has given back to society by endowing large amounts of money to charities for education, which is a testament to his belief in its value.

Shaq’s endeavors and his ability to balance it all while constantly seeking new frontiers makes him an inspiring figure to people of all ages who wish to achieve more.

Wrapping up

Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA legend, is a prime example of the importance of lifelong learning and personal development.

His academic journey is a testament to his determination and resilience, as well as his ability to balance multiple pursuits successfully. Shaq’s commitment to his education, coupled with his philanthropic efforts, make him a true inspiration for anyone striving to achieve greatness both in their personal and professional lives.

From earning his B.A. degree in General Studies to his Ed.D. degree in Human Resource Development, attending the Sportscaster U training camp, and even studying directing and cinematography,

Shaq showcases that there truly are no limits to what we can accomplish if we set our minds to it. His pursuit of law school and dedication to giving back to the community further highlight his commitment to personal growth and making a difference in the world.

As we celebrate Shaq’s lengthy list of achievements, we are reminded that success is not solely defined by our careers, but also by our dedication to expanding our knowledge and constantly striving to become better versions of ourselves.

Let’s take a page from Shaq’s book and remember that it’s never too late to learn, grow, and make a positive impact.

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