Insider secrets for publishing your way to
success in academia

All of the insider secrets for publishing research

Writing peer-reviewed papers is the only thing that will get you recognition during your academic career. It’ll open doors to promotions and successful grant applications much quicker than just about anything else an academic can do.

The problem is that not many supervisors or institutions explicitly tell you how to play this game properly. Supervisors expect people to be able to pick up the important paper writing skills and tricks through a process of trial and error, osmosis, or sheer luck.

This approach can result in anxiety, confusion, a steep learning curve which can put people off publishing early on. Delaying learning to write peer-reviewed articles can severely impact the momentum of your career early on!

This Ebook contains everything you need to know (and the tricks and systems) for writing efficiently and quickly!

Currently reading your e-book, feels like you are beside me guiding through my writing process. Can’t thank you enough!!

— Nor Reduwan (YouTube Subscriber)

Publish faster

Stitching together your research into a story can be confusing and overwhelming. Learn how to identify exactly when you have enough to write a paper for peer review.

Discover all the tools that can make writing easier

Each chapter is accompanied by online tools and services that’ll make writing and formatting a breeze.

Overcome writers block

Learn how to set the habits and wellness foundations for writing at your best all of the time!

Avoid publishing in the wrong journal

Not all journals are equal. I share with you the red flags to look for so you can avoid all your hard work going to waste by publishing in the wrong journal!

All the building blocks you need

I’ve put together all of the building blocks for the abstract, introduction, conclusions to take the guesswork out of writing. Save hours of juggling sentences and paragraphs

Learn the academic superpower to boost impact

Academia moves at a snail’s pace. Get ahead of the pack by learning the modern ways to boost the influence of each paper your write.

Boost your paper writing productivity like never before!




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Detailed chapters

A shortcut to what others find out too late!

I have written the ebook that I wish existed when I was a PhD student and early career researcher.

No one takes the time to fully understand the academic system because they are too busy trying to survive. This is your opportunity to learn what others take years to find out – often, at this point, it is too late to save their career!