Survive and Thrive During Your PhD

Everything you need to know about getting through your PhD

This ebook covers:

  • Why people end up hating their PhD
  • Important things to decide on before your PhD
  • Working without structure
  • Common supervisor issues
  • Dealing with criticism
  • The apprentice mindset
  • Tips for international students
  • Escaping academia safely
  • And so much more…

It is fully linked with the most important and relevant videos from my Youtube Channel.

Big decisions made easy

Knowing what really matters when choosing a PhD only comes from experience. Here’s everything you need to know about making the right choices for you.

Solve common PhD issues

Learn how to overcome the most common PhD student issues. From Time management to supervisor issues – they are all in the ebook.

Change your mindset

Learn the important mind shifts you need to make for your PhD to be rewarding.

Look forward to the future

Learn how to escape academia (if you want to) and build skills employers want.

Master writing your thesis

Learn the habits to form for getting your thesis DONE!

Navigate the politics

Build the right reputation for yourself from day one!

Get through your PhD in one piece and enjoy the journey


Don’t make the wrong decisions before you’ve even started!


Advice for solving the trickiest of problems


Avoid the PostDoc treadmill and be optimistic about the future!

A shortcut to what others find out too late!

This is the ebook I should have read before I started my PhD,

Don’t make the same mistakes I’ve seen so many new students make. Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes by reading this ebook!