Top 100 Journal Publications In The World: Global Rankings

Discover the pinnacle of academic publishing with our definitive list of the Top 100 Journal Publications in the World.

This carefully curated selection spans a wide array of disciplines, offering insights into the journals that lead in innovation, research impact, and scholarly influence.

Based on authoritative metrics and citation data from Google Scholar, this guide serves as an invaluable resource you to contribute to and stay informed on the cutting edge of their fields.

Top 100 Journal Publications In The World

Name of Journalh5-Index ScoreField
The New England Journal of Medicine439Medicine
IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition422Computer Science
The Lancet368Medicine
Nature Communications349Multidisciplinary
Advanced Materials326Materials Science
Neural Information Processing Systems309Computer Science
International Conference on Learning Representations303Computer Science
Science of The Total Environment273Environmental Science
Nature Medicine268Biomedical Science
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences268Multidisciplinary
Angewandte Chemie International Edition266Chemistry
Chemical Reviews264Chemistry
International Conference on Machine Learning254Computer Science
Chemical Society Reviews248Chemistry
Journal of Cleaner Production246Environmental Science & Technology
Nucleic Acids Research238Molecular Biology
*Journal from position 21-100 listed below.

How To Determine A Journal’s Rankings?

Determining the value of a journal in the dense forest of academic publishing can be quite the task, especially with the myriad of scientific disciplines vying for your attention.

Impact Factor

A good starting point is to look at the journal’s impact factor.

This metric, often used as an indicator of a journal’s prestige and influence, reflects the average number of citations received by articles published in the journal. 

High-impact journals like those in the “Journal of the American Academy of Sciences” or “Springer’s Environmental Research” often boast impressive impact factors, signaling their importance in their respective fields.

Databases – Google Scholar, Scopus

Another critical aspect to consider is the journal’s ranking within international databases like Google Scholar or Scopus.

These platforms aggregate data on academic journals and provide rankings based on various metrics, including citation counts and impact factors.

A journal listed in the top 100 according to Google Scholar rank, for instance, is likely to be a high-quality publication respected by scholars worldwide. Google uses the H5-index score to rank journals.

top 100 journal publications in the world

It’s essential to dive into these rankings and understand the criteria behind them, as they offer insights into a journal’s reputation and the impact of its research output.

Top 100 Journal Publications In The World (Google Scholar)

Google Scholar, a widely used resource for academic literature, provides a comprehensive ranking of journals based on metrics such as citation counts and impact factors.

Here, we explore the top 100 journal publications in the world according to the latest Google Scholar rankings (at the time of writing). We also look into their h5-index scores, fields, and a brief overview of each.

  1. Nature: 
    Score: 467 – Field: Multidisciplinary
    Nature is a flagship journal renowned for publishing some of the most pioneering research across all scientific disciplines. Its high score reflects its broad influence and the groundbreaking nature of its articles.
  2. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM):
    Score: 439 – Field: Medicine
    NEJM is considered one of the most prestigious medical journals, known for its rigorous peer review process and for publishing high-impact research that often shapes global health policies and practices.
  3. Science:
    Score: 424 – Field: Multidisciplinary
    As a peer-reviewed academic journal, Science is celebrated for its highly cited papers across diverse scientific fields, reflecting its role in advancing knowledge and fostering scientific discourse.
  4. IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR):
    Score: 422 – Field: Computer Science
    CVPR is a highly regarded conference in the field of computer vision, with its proceedings being pivotal for researchers and professionals looking to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.
  5. The Lancet:
    Score: 368 – Field: Medicine
    The Lancet’s long-standing reputation for publishing high-quality medical research makes it a go-to source for clinicians and researchers alike, covering a wide array of medical disciplines.
  6. Nature Communications:
    Score: 349 – Field: Multidisciplinary
    This open-access journal is known for facilitating the exchange of ideas and findings across all areas of science, ensuring broad visibility of research through its accessible format.
  7. Advanced Materials:
    Score: 326 – Field: Materials Science
    With a focus on cutting-edge research in materials science, Advanced Materials is instrumental for those exploring the design and applications of new materials.
  8. Cell:
    Score: 316 – Field: Biology
    Cell’s high impact factor is testament to its role in publishing significant discoveries in biology, particularly those that advance understanding of cell structure and function.
  9. Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS):
    Score: 309 – Field: Computer Science
    As a premier conference, NeurIPS is at the forefront of new advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, showcasing high-quality research that pushes the boundaries of the field.
  10. International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR):
    Score: 303 – Field: Computer Science
    ICLR has rapidly become a key venue for the dissemination of cutting-edge research in deep learning and neural networks, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field.
  11. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association):
    Score: 286 – Field: Medicine
    JAMA is recognized for its influential research articles that span the spectrum of medicine, aiming to inform clinical practice and health policy.
  12. Science of The Total Environment:
    Score: 273 – Field: Environmental Science
    This journal provides an interdisciplinary platform for research on the environment, tackling issues from pollution and contamination to sustainable practices.
  13. Nature Medicine:
    Score: 268 – Field: Biomedical Science
    Focused on groundbreaking research in health and disease, Nature Medicine is a key resource for understanding the biomedical implications of scientific discoveries.
  14. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS):
    Score: 268 – Field: Multidisciplinary
    PNAS publishes high-quality research across the physical, biological, and social sciences, making it a cornerstone of the scientific community.
  15. Angewandte Chemie International Edition:
    Score: 266 – Field: Chemistry
    Known for its high-quality papers in all areas of chemistry, this journal is essential for chemists seeking comprehensive insights into the field’s latest developments.
  16. Chemical Reviews:
    Score: 264 – Field: Chemistry
    This journal stands out for its in-depth review articles that synthesize current knowledge and trends in chemistry, serving as invaluable resources for researchers and educators alike.
  17. International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML):
    Score: 254 – Field: Computer Science
    ICML is a leading conference focusing on the latest in machine learning research, offering insights into theoretical foundations and practical applications.
  18. Chemical Society Reviews:
    Score: 248 – Field: Chemistry
    With its focus on review articles, this journal provides a critical overview of the major developments in the chemical sciences, guiding researchers through the vast landscape of the field.
  19. Journal of Cleaner Production:
    Score: 246 – Field: Environmental Science & Technology
    This journal addresses the environmental and sustainability challenges in production and consumption, promoting research that leads to cleaner and more efficient practices.
  20. Nucleic Acids Research:
    Score: 238 – Field: Molecular Biology
    Specializing in DNA and RNA research, this journal is pivotal for those in the field of genetics and molecular biology, publishing high-impact studies on the structure, function, and applications of nucleic acids.

For journals from position 21-100, we list them down below:

  1. European Conference on Computer Vision: Score: 238 – Field: Computer Vision
  2. Advanced Energy Materials: Score: 236 – Field: Energy Materials
  3. Journal of the American Chemical Society: Score: 235 – Field: Chemistry
  4. IEEE Access: Score: 233 – Field: Multidisciplinary Engineering
  5. Advanced Functional Materials: Score: 230 – Field: Materials Science
  6. IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision: Score: 228 – Field: Computer Vision
  7. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews: Score: 226 – Field: Energy & Environment
  8. ACS Nano: Score: 220 – Field: Nanoscience
  9. BMJ: Score: 218 – Field: Medicine
  10. Physical Review Letters: Score: 216 – Field: Physics
  11. International Journal of Molecular Sciences: Score: 215 – Field: Molecular Sciences
  12. Journal of Clinical Oncology: Score: 213 – Field: Oncology
  13. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Score: 212 – Field: Artificial Intelligence
  14. Science Advances: Score: 212 – Field: Multidisciplinary Science
  15. PLoS ONE: Score: 212 – Field: Multidisciplinary Science
  16. Frontiers in Immunology: Score: 212 – Field: Immunology
  17. Scientific Reports: Score: 210 – Field: Multidisciplinary Science
  18. Circulation: Score: 206 – Field: Cardiology
  19. Chemical Engineering Journal: Score: 206 – Field: Chemical Engineering
  20. Energy & Environmental Science: Score: 205 – Field: Environmental Science
  21. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental: Score: 205 – Field: Environmental Science
  22. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Score: 201 – Field: Public Health
  23. The Lancet Oncology: Score: 198 – Field: Oncology
  24. Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Score: 193 – Field: Cardiology
  25. Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL): Score: 192 – Field: Computational Linguistics
  26. Nutrients: Score: 189 – Field: Nutrition & Dietetics
  27. Nature Genetics: Score: 188 – Field: Genetics
  28. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: Score: 186 – Field: Public Health
  29. Applied Energy: Score: 186 – Field: Energy
  30. Nature Biotechnology: Score: 185 – Field: Biotechnology
  31. Sustainability: Score: 185 – Field: Sustainability
  32. Nano Energy: Score: 184 – Field: Energy
  33. Joule: Score: 183 – Field: Energy
  34. Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Score: 183 – Field: Materials Chemistry
  35. Nature Materials: Score: 180 – Field: Materials Science
  36. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence: Score: 179 – Field: Computer Science
  37. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces: Score: 179 – Field: Materials Science
  38. Nature Energy: Score: 177 – Field: Energy
  39. ACS Catalysis: Score: 177 – Field: Catalysis
  40. The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Score: 176 – Field: Infectious Diseases
  41. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP): Score: 176 – Field: Natural Language Processing
  42. Journal of Business Research: Score: 173 – Field: Business
  43. Gastroenterology: Score: 172 – Field: Gastroenterology
  44. European Heart Journal: Score: 171 – Field: Cardiology
  45. IEEE Internet of Things Journal: Score: 171 – Field: Internet of Things
  46. Nature Nanotechnology: Score: 170 – Field: Nanotechnology
  47. Environmental Pollution: Score: 170 – Field: Environmental Science
  48. The Astrophysical Journal: Score: 169 – Field: Astrophysics
  49. Environmental Science & Technology: Score: 169 – Field: Environmental Science
  50. Frontiers in Psychology: Score: 169 – Field: Psychology
  51. Immunity: Score: 168 – Field: Immunology
  52. Sensors: Score: 168 – Field: Sensors & Electronics
  53. Annals of Oncology: Score: 166 – Field: Oncology
  54. ACS Energy Letters: Score: 166 – Field: Energy
  55. Journal of Hazardous Materials: Score: 166 – Field: Environmental Science
  56. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials: Score: 164 – Field: Telecommunications
  57. Nature Neuroscience: Score: 164 – Field: Neuroscience
  58. Gut: Score: 164 – Field: Gastroenterology
  59. Molecular Cancer: Score: 164 – Field: Cancer Research
  60. Molecules: Score: 164 – Field: Chemistry
  61. Small: Score: 164 – Field: Nanoscience
  62. Clinical Infectious Diseases: Score: 163 – Field: Infectious Diseases
  63. Nature Methods: Score: 163 – Field: Methods in Life Sciences
  64. Accounts of Chemical Research: Score: 163 – Field: Chemistry
  65. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: Score: 162 – Field: Industrial Informatics
  66. Physical Review D: Score: 161 – Field: Physics
  67. Bioresource Technology: Score: 161 – Field: Bioenergy and Bioproducts
  68. American Economic Review: Score: 160 – Field: Economics
  69. Cell Metabolism: Score: 160 – Field: Metabolism
  70. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Score: 160 – Field: Astronomy
  71. Chemosphere: Score: 160 – Field: Environmental Science
  72. Blood: Score: 158 – Field: Hematology
  73. Cell Reports: Score: 158 – Field: Cell Biology
  74. Nano Letters: Score: 158 – Field: Nanoscience
  75. Advanced Science: Score: 158 – Field: Multidisciplinary Science
  76. Journal of High Energy Physics: Score: 158 – Field: High Energy Physics
  77. Nature Reviews Immunology: Score: 157 – Field: Immunology
  78. Technological Forecasting and Social Change: Score: 157 – Field: Social Sciences & Technology
  79. Frontiers in Microbiology: Score: 155 – Field: Microbiology
  80. Water Research: Score: 155 – Field: Water Science & Engineering

Prestigious Academic Journals By Ranking and Citation

This list of Top 100 Journal Publications represent the zenith of scholarly communication, embodying excellence across diverse scientific and academic fields.

This list not only highlights the journals that set the benchmark for quality and impact but also serves as a beacon for researchers aiming for the highest standards in their work.

As the landscape of academic publishing continues to evolve, these publications will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of research and knowledge dissemination.

The Author

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